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Workshop "Protocol based Modelling of Business Interactions (PMBI 2011)" Thursday, 6. Oktober 2011


This full-day workshop focuses on practical and theoretical consequences of the approach to describe business interactions within the framework of protocol theory


The relevance of software directly involved in business interactions has enormously grown in modern commerce within the last years.

Therefore, it is an obvious requirement that business software which supports business interactions should mirror the orientation of entrepreneurial acting along the business interactions in the simplest possible way.

To become runtime relevant from an application perspective, the interpretation of the descriptions of business interactions has to be unambiguously related to computational systems.

We expect a promising impetus with respect to the automated implementation of business interactions. Especially small and medium enterprises should benefit as they are currently discouraged to explore this area by the still high initial investments.

The starting point of this workshop is the assumption that economics with its game theory based notion describes the same interactions as computer science does with its descriptions of nondeterministic interactions of business processes. Due to the tight formal relation between (economic) game and (computer science) protocol, it is obvious to use the protocol notion not just for informal illustrations, as many contemporary approaches do, but also to view protocol theory as a sound formal base for the description of business interactions in the sense of a theory for consistent finite interaction of (possibly finite) systems.


1. Session 9:00 - 10:30

09:00-09:30 Padma Iyenghar: Software Qualitätssicherung für Geschäftsprozesse mit eingebetteten Systemen
09:30-10:00 Andreas Speck, Sören Witt and Sven Feja: Description of Protocol Rules
10:00-10:30 Johannes Reich: Process synthesis from multiple interaction specifications

2. Session 11:00-12:30

11:00-12:00 Peter Dadam: Prozess Management Systeme der nächsten Generation: Nur ein wenig Flexibilität wird nicht reichen (inkl. Demo)
12:00-12:30 Christian Ammann, Stephan Kleuker and Elke Pulvermüller: From Business Modeling to Verified Applications

3. Session 14:00-15:30

14:00-14:45 Lars Braubach and Alexander Pokahr: Means for Realizing Interactions
14:45-15:30 Andreas Both and Wolf Zimmermann: Robuste Komponentensysteme durch Protokollprüfung

4. Session 16:00-17:30

Discussion along the line: "The description of games and protocols rests on the same system model. Both describe the interaction of these systems, each with a different goal. What are the consequences for computer science and software engineering?“


This workshop brings together scientist of the field of business informatics with a special interest in business interactions and scientist of the more theoretical oriented field of protocol theory. We therefore invite scientific contributions which demonstrate the relevance of protocol theory for the formal description of nondeterministic business interactions either in practical or theoretical respect, if applicable with a relation to game theory.


Duration: 1 day

For participation at the workshop, registration at INFORMATIK 2011 is required.

Important Dates
  • 08. May 2011: Submission of workshop contributions
  • 30. May 2011: Notification of acceptance
  • 01. July 2011: Submission of print-ready contributions
  • 04.-07.October 2011:GI Conference in Berlin, Germany
  • 06. October 2011:Workshop


Contributions can be submitted in English or German at EasyChair. In a first step you have to choose the workshop, then you have to provide all authors, a title and a summary. Next you can upload your article as PDF, formatted according to the guidelines of the GI-Edition "Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI)". It may not exceed 15 pages in this format. Further information for submission (in German) at "Einreichen von Beiträgen"

The submissions will be refereed, and accepted contributions will be published in GI-Edition "Lecture Notes in Informatics."

At least one author is expected to register for the workshop and to give a talk about the contribution.

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